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OSCRE or Open Standards Consortium for Real Estate is a Non-profit organization dedicated to the development of industry standards for data exchange. OSCRE has created and published a number of XML data schemas for defining structured data sets electronic application may use in exchanging and sharing records and data.[1][2]

OSCRE - The Standards

OSCRE Data Formats

The standards consist of real estate terms, definitions and rules that utilize a common data set and enable users to facilitate the transfer of data between end users, software developers, service providers, consultants and benchmarking and indexing services. It is a "single source of truth" approach to data collection and analytics that improves decision-making and an organization's performance.

OSCRE - The Organization

Membership Levels

  • Executive
  • Supporting
  • Small Business

Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Jefferies, Chair, Vice President and Practice Specialist, HOK, Inc.
  • Graham Davies, Vice Chair, Managing Director, Trace Solutions Ltd.
  • Maureen Ehrenberg, Executive Managing Director, Integrated Facilities Management,Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Alex Darragh, Executive Managing Director, Global Facilities Management, CBRE
  • Guillaume Fiastre, Founder and CEO, Taliance
  • David Johnson, Global Chief Information Officer,Jones Lang LaSalle
  • David Karpook, Marketing Communications Director, Manhattan Software, A Trimble Company
  • Graeme Lambert, Head of Property Finance, Investment Division, Canada Life Financial|Canada Life
  • Kim Maddox, Product Specialist, Commercial, Global Solutions, Yardi Systems
  • Andrew Miller, Senior Director and Development Manager, TIAA-CREF
  • Oren Rosen, Chief Executive Officer,Cougar Software
  • Lorri Rowlandson, Senior Vice President, Brookfield Johnson Controls
  • Brad Sill, Director, RealFoundations
  • Lisa Stanley, Chief Executive Officer, OSCRE International

OSCRE Compliance Certification

OSCRE Compliance Certification is a process by which OSCRE tests individual XML files provided by implementing companies to validate compliance with a specific OSCRE Standard schema. OSCRE issues Compliance Certificates to companies that have successfully demonstrated their implementation of an OSCRE schema results in a compliant XML document. Compliance testing consists of validating the XML document against the relevant schema. Some business rules are checked, but full interoperability, even when two systems can both produce and read compliant XML document files, is achieved through testing between trading partners.[3]

Who Benefits From OSCRE Membership?

OSCRE membership is a collaboration of companies and organizations that often operate as business partners from end users, to their service providers, software vendors, consultants, systems integrators and benchmarking/reporting agencies. Whether a small, medium or large company, the issues are the same when it comes to the need for exchanging and aggregating information from multiple sources. The conversation in the industry increasingly focuses on big data, business analytics, benchmarking and the Internet of Things in corporate real estate and investment portfolios. OSCRE Standards are most relevant to improved performance, enabling organizations to better manage both revenues and expenses. Membership in OSCRE allows industry leaders to participate in the development and revision of critical standards, and provides a forum for constructive collaboration to advance data collection, analysis and organizational performance.[4]

See also

  • EbXML – a UN standard for business transactions.
  • XML – a meta-language for expressing standards.
  • OASIS – a standards body.
  • LIXI – a counterpart to OSCRE in the Australian market.
  • MISMO – an affiliated standards body in the US property market.


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